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United Methodist Insurance (UMI)


United Methodist Insurance (UMI) is in business ONLY to serve as an insurance provider for United Methodist Churches.  Being focused only on United Methodist churches, UMI is uniquely poised to help your church meet its minimum insurance requirements.  Currently, nearly 3,000 United Methodist churches are covered by UMI.   

By working in partnership with Church Insurance Agency Corporation (CIAC), a captive insurance company, to offer property and casualty (P&C) coverage, UMI will benefit from lower operating expenses, more predictable premiums, consistent coverage and improved service. The UMI program offers property, boiler & equipment breakdown, commercial general liability, workers compensation, commercial auto, directors & officers liability, employment practices liability, crime and umbrella coverage.

Click here to request a quote for your insurance coverage.  A member of the UMI team will be in touch with you about your needs and designing a program to fit your church.  


United Methodist Insurance (UMI) is a non-profit, captive insurance company started by the General Council on Finance and Administration of The United Methodist Church (GCFA). UMI’s mission is to protect the people and property of The United Methodist Church.  It accomplishes its mission by assisting in a financially responsible way while providing access to the broadest coverage available.


United Methodist Insurance's only mission is protecting the property and ministries of the United Methodist Church. We have contracted with the Church Insurance Agency Corporation (CIAC) as a service provider. CIAC is a non-profit insurance agency specializing in general agency and risk management services for religious institutions. Since 1930, CIAC’s mission has been to assist congregations and affiliated church organizations in a financially responsible way, while providing access to the broadest coverage available.