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About UMI

The UMI Mission

Thank you for your interest in United Methodist Insurance (UMI). UMI is a non-profilt captive insurance company started by the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) of The... Read More

The UMI Partnership

United Methodist Insurance's only mission is protecting the property and ministries of the United Methodist Church. We have contracted with the Church Insurance Agency Corporation (CIAC) as a service provider.... Read More

United Methodist Insurance Foundation

United Methodist Insurance (UMI) is a ministry of the United Methodist Church, providing affordable insurance coverage for United Methodist churches and services such as safety inspections so that our local... Read More

Created for Churches

The General Conference first required the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) to make available a "church-wide [property and liability] insurance program" in 1976. Although the legislative history is in... Read More

Contact UMI

We look forward to hearing from you. TO ENROLL: Toll-Free 1-855-606-6505 CLAIMS: Toll-Free 1-855-696-0570 SERVICE/BILLING: Toll-Free 1-800-29... Read More