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Church Protection Guide

Welcome to the Church Protection Guide! Each issue will provide articles that help you mitigate risk, take care of your property and people, and prepare for disasters.

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December 2018 Church Protection Guide

Create a safe haven for all by preventing bullying. Learn how domestic abuse affects churches. Keep everyone safe during this busy time with Risk Management and Special Events During the... Read More

September 2018 Church Protection Guide

This issue tackles crime prevention, examines why boundaries are important, helps you figure out how best to travel safely, and offers a fall checklist to get you ready for the... Read More

June 2018 Church Protection Guide

This issue of Church Protection Guide features articles that will help you prepare for the summer months from water activities safety tips to preventing arson at your church. Read More

April 2018 Church Protection Guide

In this issue, articles on two important issues in the news: preparing for a malicious attack and defining sexual harassment. Other articles examine practical aspects of running a church organization,... Read More

February 2018 Church Protection Guide

In this issue: the winter checklist and disaster planning ebook will help you to secure your property this season; get tips on how to start using social media; hear from... Read More

December 2017 Church Protection Guide

The holidays are right around the corner! We at UMI wish you a very merry Christmas. Follow the recommendations in these articles to make sure everyone’s holidays are happy... Read More

September 2017 Church Protection Guide

Tips for emergencies, disaster preparedness, and how to best protect the people of your church. Also, check out the 2017 Fall Checklist! Read More

May 2017 Church Protection Guide

Tips for volunteers, lifting, ergonomics, and outdoor fun! As the weather gets nicer, your church will spend more time outside. Make sure that your spring and summer activities are safe... Read More

March 2017 Church Protection Guide

Welcome to the first issue of Church Protection Guide! We’re excited to be able to offer you a subscription to this newsletter because you are a friend of United... Read More