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Protecting Your People: Adequate Insurance Coverage

New Book of Discipline guidelines

Here is how to make sure you are compliant As of January 1, 2017, the 2016 General Conference amended ¶2533.2 in the Book of Discipline to require the local church board of trustees to: ... Read More

Insurance Savings

$423 Average Savings & Book Of Discipline Compliant Insurance The only mission of United Methodist Insurance (UMI) is to protect the people and property of the United Methodist Church in a... Read More

Insurance Worksheet

In an effort to assist local church boards of trustees as they annually review the “existence and adequacy of the church’s insurance coverages” (¶ 2533.2, 2016 Book of Discipline) for their report... Read More

Adequate Insurance Coverage

Petition Number: 60158-LC-¶2533.2; Kumar, A. Moses Rathan - Nashville, TN, USA for General Council on Finance and Administration.  Adequate Insurance Coverage  ¶ 2533.2 was amended as follows:  ... Read More

United Methodist Church Minimum Insurance Requirements

During the 2016 General Conference in Portland, OR, Petition 60158, relating to adequate insurance coverage, was adopted. This Petition amends ¶ 2533.2 in The Book of Discipline (2012) and alters the responsibilities... Read More