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Protecting Your People: Products for Churches

Disaster Preparedness eBook

You Can't Prevent Disaster. But You Can Prepare. United Methodist Insurance has created a comprehensive, robust handbook on Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather for Churches. Download


Fidelity Liability Insurance protects your church against dishonesty, fraud and forgery both from those within your church community and people outside your church.  Fidelity Insurance specifically protects against loss... Read More


Multi-Peril Property Insurance

  • For buildings and their contents
  • Covers the cost of repairing or replacing damaged or stolen property
The policy has expanded coverage... Read More

Property Stewardship

Property stewardship includes a wide variety of topics, including: Church Facility Self-Inspections - Being revised Tips on Preventing Lightning Strikes - Being revised Third Party Risk Management - Being revised ... Read More

Products for Churches

As United Methodists, we understand the unique situations that arise in churches, conferences and agencies. Choose the type of coverage below for more information, or if you are unsure, contact... Read More