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Spring Checklist

Dust off your Risk Management plans; it’s time for the annual spring inspection! 


Walk around the property to get an overall sense of what needs to be done. Consider potential repairs to buildings, walkways, entrances and exits, steps, and parking areas. 

Create two lists: one of the things that need to be done immediately and the other of things that can wait. 

  • Items needing immediate attention could be broken steps, loose handrails, debris that needs to be collected and removed, cracks in the walkways or parking lot, and any conditions that could cause physical injury. 
  • As soon as you’ve dealt with the first list, move right on to the second list. Check the roof, gutters, and flashing, and look for the deterioration of concrete and seals around windows and doors. 

This is also a good time to service maintenance equipment such as leaf blowers and lawn mowers. 


Inspect your fire extinguishers and arrange for service or replacement. Determine if you have enough of them or need to add more. 

Check all lighting equipment and replace malfunctioning fixtures and burnt-out bulbs. 

If there are building-related systems such as sprinklers or alarm systems, arrange for the necessary water flow tests and circuit testing of all alarms. 

Inspect all electrical and plumbing systems and immediately repair any damage. 


Produce, distribute, and discuss the report on the risks you’ve identified in your Risk Management report and the actions you’ve taken in regard to them, as well as risks scheduled for correction at a later date


Click here for a downloadable version of this Spring Checklist

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