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United Methodist Insurance Foundation


United Methodist Insurance (UMI) is a ministry of the United Methodist Church, providing affordable insurance coverage for United Methodist churches and services such as safety inspections so that our local United Methodist churches can remain safe and secure. A donation to UMI provides an assurance that local churches across the United States can protect the property that allows their ministries to prosper and spread the word of God.

Please consider a gift to one of the following options:

The UMI Fund- Insurance is indeed a ministry within The United Methodist Church, and UMI provides affordable protection for the facilities and members of our congregations. Consider a gift to the UMI General Fund that will support programs such as church safety inspections, and many other ministries of UMI to protect the physical facilities of our denomination.

UMI Ministry of Protection Program- Many local United Methodist churches cannot afford adequate insurance to protect their facilities and members because of the high investment in yearly premiums.  Local churches that are underinsured or churches with no insurance at all can be one incident or accident away from losing their legacy of ministry. A gift to the UMI Ministry of Protection allows UMI to subsidize the cost of insurance for struggling churches. When we protect the facilities and members of our churches, we protect their ministry. Consider a gift to the UMI Ministry of Protection Program.

The UMI Endowment Fund- The United Methodist Church plans not just for today, but for the future of our ministries. Your gift to the UMI Endowment Fund will provide a permanent source of funding to assist the safety and security of United Methodist churches through the ministry programs of UMI.

CLICK HERE to download a brochure about the UMI Fund