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Water Activities Checklist

Summertime often means fun in the sun—and in the water. If your church is planning a trip to a local pool, lake, or river, make sure that you follow these guidelines:

  • Never leave a child unsupervised around water.
  • Never allow participants to swim alone.
  • Only allow participants to swim in areas supervised by a lifeguard.
  • Participants should understand their responsibility to read and obey all signs.
  • An adult experienced in CPR should be present at all activities involving children and water.
  • Children should be tested on skill level. Inexperienced swimmers should explore no deeper than waist-deep, and non-swimmers should be required to wear personal flotation devices.
  • Stop activities at the first sign of bad weather.
  • A safety inspection should be completed before the use of watercraft.
  • Never combine events that include alcohol and water activities.
  • Do not allow head-first diving at pools, lakes, and rivers.
  • Do not allow the use of personal watercraft, such as jet skis.
  • When boating, leave an itinerary with someone at the church; include the route, expected time of travel, and mobile phone numbers.

Click Here for a printable version of this checklist.

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