Ask The Expert: What is the claims process for claims related to COVID-19?

Our partners at Suracy Faith give an update about adjustments to the claims process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ask The Expert: What is the claims process for claims related to COVID-19?

As COVID-19 continues to impact the country, new questions arise daily regarding the operations of businesses and religious organizations, amongst other issues.  One insurance-related concern for churches is the claims-handling process for incidents related to the pandemic.  The process is typically different for every carrier and this rule still applies today.  However, there are some points that may be helpful for your church to consider.

  1. Claims are adjusted by your carrier based on your policy’s language and the facts surrounding the loss.

  2. If you feel you have a claim, it remains important to contact your carrier as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances and potential next steps.

  3. If you have questions regarding your coverage, contact your agent or carrier.

  4. Many carriers post information regarding insurance and COVID-19 on their websites and send details out through email.  Take some time to review this information and confirm that you have the correct contact information to report a claim during this time.

  5. Remember that while your insurance agent is available to answer insurance-related questions that arise, they usually play a limited role in the claims process.  The claims process is handled by the carrier.

The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to evolve, but ensuring you are well-informed with regards to the claims process for your church can offer you some peace of mind as you strive to protect your people, property, and ministry.   

Additional questions?

If you have questions regarding your church’s claims process, contact your carrier, as mentioned above.  If you have general questions regarding insurance or to learn more about if your coverage is appropriate for your church now and in the future, the United Methodist Insurance Program (powered by our agency partner, Suracy Faith), is happy to answer your inquiries.  Contact UMIP powered by Suracy Faith at 866-203-0777 or