Summer Property Checklist

Your facilities may not have as many visitors as expected this summer so this is a great opportunity to handle repair and maintenance. Taking advantage of the unexpected vacant time can protect your ministry from potentially costly problems.

Summer Property Checklist

Summer 2020 will be one that we will never forget. Let this summer be the summer of planning, protecting, and restoring your church’s facilities. As your church begins to reopen, you have a perfect opportunity to perform general maintenance and repairs to protect your members and visitors.


The hot summer sun can do a number on your building’s exterior. Observe the exterior of your building and take note of any peeling paint or exterior area in need of repair. Also, inspect exterior and emergency lighting to ensure your building is properly lit during evening hours.

Clear debris from any gutters and storm drains to allow proper water flow and drainage during storms. Doing this, along with securing any loose materials or siding will help prepare your building for any summer weather events that have potential to damage to your facility.

Windows and doors are popular areas for leaks and cracks. Carefully look over these areas for cracks in the seal around the frames or the frames themselves. This will help reduce utility costs as well by keeping cool air in and warm air out.


When it is warm outside, make sure your members and visitors are comfortable inside. If you haven’t already, have a certified HVAC professional check and repair your heating and air conditioning system. Taking care of this system now will help your church have a joy and spirit-filled reopening. This will also assist in providing proper circulation in the building.

During this time of extended vacancy, review your church's emergency evacuation and weather emergency plans. Conduct simulated walkthroughs and make repairs to any areas that could be hazardous to individuals needing to exit or relocate within the building during an emergency. Partnering with your local fire department will help give you access to the expertise you need to make the most appropriate plans for your church. Adjust your plans based on their recommendations and present any changes to ministry leadership.


​After conducting an internal and exterior check meeting with your building facility team and church leadership to outline a plan of repair. Whether that is contacting contractors to conduct repairs or scheduling a time for a small group to perform routine maintenance, preparing and executing a maintenance plan will help your ministry be good stewards of the resources God has provided you with. Also, form a plan for continued monitoring of your ministry’s facilities. Follow your ministry's record-keeping policies and practices to properly document and store this information. Review previous maintenance reports to identify trends or problem areas that may need more permanent solutions.

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