AmVenture is now Suracy Insurance Agency

AmVenture Insurance Agency, Inc. (AmVenture), UMIP’s trusted partner for property and casualty insurance solutions, is pleased to announce its company name change to Suracy Insurance Agency, Inc. (Suracy). This name change marks the last stage in the company’s launch as an independent insurance agency after separating from its former parent company. For customers in the religious sector, the name that will be used across all products and services is Suracy Faith. Suracy Faith is the sub-brand of Suracy that is focused on providing insurance solutions for religious organizations nationwide, especially United Methodist churches. Suracy Faith reflects how important it is for churches and other houses of worship to work with agencies and carriers that have experience serving their industry.

While the name has changed, Suracy Faith is still the same established company. UMIP will continue to partner with Suracy Faith in the same capacity to provide customers with robust coverage solutions and outstanding customer service. Suracy Faith’s full suite of standard and specialty coverages are designed to address the unique exposures churches face. Insurance options offered to UMIP customers by Suracy Faith will also continue to meet or exceed the minimum standards set forth by the General Council on Finance and Administration in adherence with the Book of Discipline.

Suracy Faith uses a new logo and visual identity. A new website,, has also launched in association with the rebrand. Please visit the site to learn more about Suracy Faith and how it serves United Methodist churches in partnership with UMIP.

Suracy Faith shares UMIP’s mission to put faith into action by helping churches protect their people, property, and finances. For any questions about Suracy Faith, please call 866-203-0777 or email