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What first aid items should your church keep on hand?

While many churches, organizations, and businesses continue to remain closed due to the pandemic, there are still several instances where someone could get injured at your church — staff coming and going from the building, weddings, funerals, or simply someone stopping in to drop something off. On the surface, these situations may seem harmless, but there is always the risk that someone could be injured, and it is important to be prepared for things that could arise.

Every good safety plan includes a first aid kit, and we’ve compiled some key items that are generally recommended to include in yours.

  1. Gauze pads and rolls (assorted sizes)

  2. Box adhesive bandages (various sizes and uses)

  3. Triangular bandages

  4. Wound cleaning agent such as sealed moistened towelettes

  5. Scissors

  6. At least one blanket

  7. Tweezers

  8. Adhesive tape

  9. Disposable gloves (preferably latex-free)

  10. Resuscitation equipment, such as resuscitation bag, airway, or pocket mask

  11. Elastic wraps

  12. Splint

  13. Directions for requesting emergency assistance

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The above list contains some key items to include in your first aid kit, but always consider specific hazards for your church that may require additional items. For example, depending on your ministry’s specifics, you may want to consider keeping multiple first aid kits on-site in case of a larger emergency or consider purchasing items like a defibrillator to be prepared for more serious incidents.

By keeping comprehensive first aid kits on-site at your church, you’re not only potentially reducing the financial and legal risks your church could face if someone is injured on your property, but you may also be helping save lives and are providing a safer environment for your ministry to thrive.


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