Polices available through carriers we are appointed with provide protection for houses of worship and other faith-based entities. These policies typically provide liability protection to clergy, employees, officials and trustees (appointed or elected), members, authorized and controlled church organizations, and volunteers for property damage, bodily injury, sexual misconduct and molestation, and personal injury (i.e., slander, liable, etc.) per the policy provisions.


The following provides basic definitions for coverages offered by our carriers. Please always refer to your policy forms and documents for actual definitions, provisions, and governing terms and conditions for actual coverages.


This type of insurance is designed to cover costs related to legal claims brought against businesses by a third party. It typically covers claims-associated costs related to bodily injury (occurring on a business’s premise), property damage, or advertising (slander, libel, copyright infringement).


(Building and Contents)

This insurance can cover a business’s building (equipment, machinery, fixtures), contents of the building (inventory, furniture, supplies) or someone else’s property that is inside a business’s building. It can also sometimes cover windstorms, theft and fires. Note- most property damage caused by floods and earthquakes is NOT included. This insurance is recommended for those who own or rent a commercial building or storage space, have costly business equipment, or have property that a business relies on to operate.


This no-fault or good will coverage pays for reasonable medical expenses for injuries sustained on your property. This coverage does not apply to employees.



BOP insurance is designed to address the most common liability and property threats that businesses regularly face by bundling multiple insurance policies into a single package. It can be customized for each business but generally includes property insurance, general liability, and business interruption. Note- auto, workers’ compensation, and disability cannot be included in a BOP.


Workers’ comp generally covers most illnesses and injuries that occur due to a work-related accident. Most states mandate that businesses are legally required to carry workers’ comp for their employees. Most on-the-job accidents are covered, but off-site incidents may also be covered if they are work-related.


This insurance can help cover some of the costs that arise if a cyber attack occurs. It can also help ensure that a company is in compliance with any breach notice requirements. Policies can provide coverage for data breaches, website media content liability, regulatory defense and penalties, and PCI fines, expenses, and costs.



EPLI can help protect businesses from employment-related claims that may result in costly lawsuits. Some examples may include claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or wrongful termination.


(Errors and Omissions/E&O)

Professional Liability (E&O) insurance is designed to help protect business employees and advisors from exposures they face related to negligence, failing to deliver, and/or work mistakes.


Provides protection for the theft of money, securities or bonds resulting from an employee or volunteer dishonesty.


This insurance helps protect business directors and officers in the event a work-related claim is made against them. This may include claims stemming from management errors or decisions that have negative financial impacts.


Disability insurance helps protect employees from the negative financial circumstances that may occur if they experience an injury or illness that occurs outside of work that prevents them from returning to work for a period of time.



PFL provides up to 8 weeks of paid financial leave for circumstances including the addition of a new child, caring for a family member with a serious medical condition, and focusing on the needs of a family member in active military service.


This insurance can help protect businesses that utilize company vehicles in the event of accidents or incidents.



Umbrella liability (excess) insurance provides additional or excess limits of liability across many or all coverages. It may provide coverage and defense for claims that are excluded from other policies.



(Equipment Breakdown)

This insurance offers coverage in the event of a loss stemming from equipment breakdown. It may include physical damage and financial losses resulting from broken equipment.



This insurance provides coverage in the event of property damage or bodily injury at a special event put on by or sponsored by a business.  It can help offer protection from claims that occur due to unexpected situations and is purchased separately for each event that takes place.


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