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United Methodist Insurance Program - Church Specific Insurance

United Methodist Insurance Program - Church Specific Insurance


Sovereign is an independent insurance broker who has been providing insurance solutions for churches for over 60 years.

Who is Sovereign Insurance Group?

Sign the Broker of Record letter and Sovereign will get the letter to the appropriate parties to ensure your continued participation in the program.

What do I need to do with the BoR letter?

Yes. Signing the Broker of Letter as soon as possible will help to facilitate the transition of the program, and continue to leverage the purchasing power of the group to best meet the needs of each individual church.

Do I need to sign the BoR letter now? 

The United Methodist Insurance Program (UMIP) underwent an extensive interview process in early 2022 where Sovereign was selected to run the program.

How did Sovereign become UMIP’s

exclusive broker?

No. It only changes the broker to Sovereign. Nothing else about your policy will change. You will continue making payments as you have been to GuideOne. Sovereign will begin processing any payments previously made through Suracy.

Does signing the BoR letter change my coverage? 

In the short term, there are no changes, please continue to make payments to Guide One as you have been. Please just contact Sovereign instead of Suracy if there are any service issues we can help with.

How does
this change things for my church?

A Broker of Record letter is an industry standard practice that establishes the relationship between the policyholder, the broker, and the insurance company.

What is a broker of
record (BoR)

Absolutely. You can contact

UMIP President, Jeff Koch


Can I speak
about this?

 UMIP chose Sovereign to provide an increased level of service, alternative carrier solutions, and to help grow the program. Sovereign has a 60-year history in the church insurance space and is waiting to help your ministry. 

Why was
this change made? 

 Absolutely. We would need to set up a time to gather some additional information to proceed with this process. Please reach out to our team to setup a quick introductory call. 

Can Sovereign provide alternate quotes for my church other than Guide One? 

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