2022 Spring Checklist

Updated: Mar 17

Spring is right around the corner! Before it arrives, it’s important to be prepared for all the upcoming changes that accompany the new season. We’ve compiled a quick spring checklist to help you prepare your church for warmer weather.

Exterior cleaning

  • Remove and dispose of any debris on your property

  • Repair any damaged parking lots, walkways, or stairs

  • Replace any missing or damaged lighting and signage

  • Clean gutters and drainage systems

  • Perform general maintenance and landscaping around your property as needed

Want to be extra prepared? Request your free coverage review and help ensure your ministry is ready for whatever the new season brings. Interior Cleaning

  • Check inventory of cleaning supplies your ministry has purchased and restock any low supplies

  • Clean all areas in need of attention including windows, glass, furniture, and floors

  • Remove clutter that may have accumulated over the winter

  • Repair equipment that may be broken

Consider scheduling a ministry cleaning day to take care of many of these tasks with a group of congregants or volunteers. It can be a time to come together as well as a way to help maintain a positive and welcoming image for your church.

We’re already a quarter of the way through 2022. Don’t spend the rest of the year overpaying on insurance. Request a free quote today to find out if you can save money and put more resources into the things that matter most! Contact UMIP at 866-203-0777!