What is and is not covered for lost offerings?

The onset of the COVID-19 virus has forced churches around the country to find new and creative ways to engage with their parishioners.  Although many churches are hard at work bringing their services to an online platform or drive-in format, it is difficult to replace the fellowship of an in-person service. Some churches have experienced a decline in offerings as a result of this strange time, and it may cause people to wonder—can my property insurance help with this? 

In some cases, property insurance does cover loss of income, but in general that coverage is only triggered by a direct physical loss to the covered property. For example, if a church burns down and services cannot be held, your Loss of Business Income coverage may reimburse the church for a decrease in offerings as parishioners are not able to come to church. If, however, a snowstorm or other weather event prevented parishioners from attending services for a period of time, but did not cause damage to the church’s property, the insurance policy would not provide a reimbursement of lost offerings.  

There may be other scenarios in which your policy can assist you, as well, such as limited coverage for theft of offerings. When in doubt, your best course of action is to contact your agent or carrier directly for guidance on this topic, as they will be able to walk you through the ins and outs of your coverage. If you have further questions about lost offerings, the United Methodist Insurance Program (powered by our agency partner, Suracy Faith) is happy to answer your inquiries.  Contact UMIP powered by Suracy Faith at 866-203-0777 or

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