Spring Checklist - Updated!

It's spring cleaning time! Even though you may not have as much traffic as you normally would or have been vacant for an extended period of time, there are things you can do to maintain and improve your ministry facilities.

Exterior Cleaning

Taking time to care for your ministry’s exterior appearance will help your ministry maintain a positive presence in your community.

  • Schedule time to power wash your siding and walkways.

  • Repair any cracked windows or broken screens.

You can be diligent in preventing foundation issues due to improper water flow by cleaning your gutter and drainage systems.

  • You may need to hire a professional to conduct this work and to clear any debris from your building’s roof.

  • Replace any exterior lights that may be dim or burned out.

  • Perform general maintenance on any landscaping or summer equipment that you have and properly store away winter equipment.

Interior Cleaning

Make sure the interior of your facility matches the beautiful exterior.

  • Take inventory of the cleaning supplies your ministry has and purchase any products that may be low to help ensure you are fully stocked.

  • Clean any windows or glass and check for drafts or cracks in any seals.

  • This could also be a great opportunity to clean and polish your church pews or seating.

  • Repair any equipment that may be out of order.

  • Remove any clutter and clearly mark areas for social distancing guidance to help maintain a safe environment.

  • Dusting your curtains and deep cleaning rugs or carpets in your facility can help restore the glamour of your building.

Deep Cleaning As we continue to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, your ministry can do its part by providing a safer facility for your members. The CDC has released new surface cleaning guidelines that your ministry can use in deep cleaning and disinfecting its building. While foot traffic is low or reduced, you should consider taking advantage of this opportunity to thoroughly clean and disinfect contact surfaces in your buildings..

Scheduling a special day to take care of these things can help your ministry maintain a positive exterior and interior image. UMIP and our exclusive agents at Suracy Faith are here to help your ministry plan, protect, and restore your ministry through insurance coverage and risk management resources. Request a free quote today.