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UMIP Board Unveils New Website and Reinstitutes Monthly Newsletter

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Nashville, TN – The Board of Directors of United Methodist Insurance met in Nashville, TN September 23, 2019. During the meeting, the Board approved the official new UMI website,, launched in late August. With a renewed focus on customer service, the Board is confident the new site will provide current and new insureds with better functionality, greater ease of use, improved customer service, and access to tools to help protect and serve local churches and other United Methodist entities.

In addition, UMI has relaunched its newsletter. The newsletter, renamed “Church Protection Connection,” will feature articles and provide access to resources on risk management and will be available to anyone seeking ways to protect their church's property, people, finances and reputation. It is available to all churches, even those not insured by UMI.

“What began slowly this year has picked up momentum. The United Methodist Insurance Program (UMIP) is pleased to see that churches are finding a great value in the casualty and property insurance products of the United Methodist Insurance Program and look forward to our conversations throughout the connection,” said Jeff Koch, President and CEO of UMI. He added, “We encourage our newsletter readers to use the ‘Ask the Expert’ feature to get answers to their questions about risk management and insurance.” To subscribe to the newsletter and receive the next edition, visit

“We are excited about the direction of the new UMIP. Through the new website and ‘Church Protection Connection’ we will be able to share not only useful risk management resources to help keep churches protected but highlight all of the enhancements to the program. This includes our focus on providing competitive pricing for insurance products nationwide”, said Sam Liotta, President & CEO of AmVenture Insurance Agency, UMIP’s trusted partner.

To get a quote on casualty and property insurance, contact Sovereign Insurance at 484-654-3380 or

For travel insurance needs, visit For additional information about UMI, contact Jeff Koch, 615-369-2317.


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This content has been prepared by United Methodist Insurance Company (UMI) for informational purposes only. No article or document may accurately contemplate all possible scenarios or church resources. As such, this information is meant to foster discussion by the individual church and its members to develop a plan tailored to its own circumstances. UMI is providing this information with no warranties or guarantees of any kind and it should not be viewed as legal, financial, or other professional advice. All liability is expressly disclaimed. Any claim examples described herein are general in nature, may or may not be based on actual claims, and are for informational purposes only. Any coverage available for a claim is determined from the facts and circumstances of the claim as well as the terms and conditions of any applicable policy, including any exclusions or deductibles. In the event of a conflict with the content herein, the terms and conditions of any issued policy will control. Individual coverage may vary and may not be available in all states.

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