Vacant Building Security Tips

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Vacant buildings often become a target for vandals, burglars, and criminal acts. Protecting your ministry's facilities while worshipping and working virtually can be done with proper resources and planning. Create a first, second, and third line of defense.

Meet and Greet Your Neighbors

The people that live closest to your facility can be a great asset in your loss prevention plan. If you have a healthy relationship with your community, they can help you watch the facilities and notify your staff or police if they suspect suspicious activity. Building these relationships also helps you to understand your community and how you can better serve them.

Keep the Yard Up

Maintaining the grounds during extended vacancy can also help prevent theft. Landscaping that isn’t well kept is a more likely target due to the appearance of abandonment. Even if you reduce the number of times per month you care for your yard, these actions are crucial to deterring criminal activity on your property.

Invest in an Alarm System

A security system is an essential tool in protecting a vacant property. Motion sensors, video cameras, water sensors, and security signage can help both catch potential burglars in the act and help to notify you if you have any equipment failures. Choosing a security system that includes 24/7 monitors will give you the peace of mind that your facility is always being watched.

Maintain Your Insurance Coverage

While reducing or canceling your insurance can be tempting, it is very important to maintain proper insurance coverage. The purpose of insurance is to help your ministry respond when the unexpected happens. While there may be a reduction in trips or falls in the building while empty, a burst pipe or electrical fire could significantly damage your building. Keeping your insurance coverage will help your ministry to respond better in an emergency.

Develop a Plan

Make plans for every event that could happen while your building is vacant. From a water leak to property defiling, your ministry should have plans to respond in an emergency, including proper notification protocols and key individuals to contact. Be sure to have your policy information and insurance contact information handy to reduce response time.

Not working or worshipping from your ministry’s facilities presents a unique set of issues and circumstances. Our exclusive agency, Suracy Faith, is here to help you prepare for and respond to emergencies at your facility while it's vacant. Request a free quote today and make sure your property is protected during an extended vacancy.