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Protect Your Ministry From Scammers

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

In today’s digital age, we are increasingly at risk of cybercrimes. Your church is not immune. The internet is filled with scammers and thieves capable of infiltrating even the most secure systems and technology. Churches possess loads of sensitive information, so it is essential that you protect your ministry and your members. The fallout of data breaches and other cybercrimes can be catastrophic.

Earlier this year, internet scammers stole over $793,000 from a North Carolina church that had been saving to build a new sanctuary. Elkin Valley Baptist Church had outgrown their sanctuary and spent the last seven years raising funds that were taken in seconds. In September 2022, a church representative responded to a cloned email providing fraudulent payment instructions and the money was quickly stolen, putting a halt to construction. You can read more about the Elkin Valley Baptist story here.

Although cyber risk insurance isn’t the first type of insurance that comes to mind, it is one of the most important for your ministry. Cyber risk insurance policies can protect your church from business interruption, network security, media liability, errors and omissions, privacy liability, data breaches, virus attacks, ransom ware, social engineering (phishing, etc.) and even more types of computer crime.

Many package or liability policies provide some level of cyber coverage. Work with your agent to ensure that the coverage you have is adequate to cover your current and foreseeable exposures. A stand-alone cyber may be more appropriate for your needs.

The internet can be a scary place. UMIP is here to help.

Assess your risks. Evaluate your options. Download the BUYING GUIDE today.


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