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Ladder Safety

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Maintaining your ministry may require you to climb on ladders for many things, including hanging up decorations, cleaning gutters, painting, etc. It’s important that you maintain good ladder safety to help prevent someone being injured if an accident occurs. So, we’ve compiled six great tips for ladder safety.

Six tips for ladder safety

1. Maintain three points of contact when climbing/descending a ladder

While on a ladder, it’s important to maintain safe contact with it. Make sure you always have two hands and a foot, or two feet, and a hand on the ladder at all times.

2. Face the ladder when climbing up or descending.

When moving up and down the ladder, make sure that you’re facing it so that you don’t lose your grip, get distracted, or slip.

3. Keep your body inside the side rails.

In addition to maintaining safe contact with the ladder, you need to make sure that you keep your balance while on the ladder, as well. By staying within the side rails, you help ensure that you stay balanced while on the ladder.

4. Use extra care when getting on or off the ladder at the top or bottom.

When stepping onto or off of the ladder, avoid tipping it over or causing it to slide out.

5. Carry tools in a tool belt or use a hand line to raise tools to the roof.

When climbing up and down a ladder, it may be tempting to save time by trying to carry tools up and down with your hands. Doing this increases the chance of an accident, so make sure you never carry tools in your hands while climbing up/down a ladder.

6. Keep ladders free of any slippery materials.

When placing your ladder against a wall or roof, be sure there are no slippery materials anywhere. Wet floors or smooth walls make it easier for ladders to slip out.

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