Drive-In Worship Considerations

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Many churches have found new and creative ways to worship together. Drive-in worship experiences have become a safer alternative to in-person gatherings. There are things your ministry can do to help protect itself and your attendees during these types of events.

Health Guidelines

As you plan for any type of in-person event or gathering, it is important to follow local and state gathering guidelines. Some states and counties may have stay-at-home orders that do not allow for a drive-in worship service. Also, your ministry should encourage staff and attendees to follow CDC guidelines like social distancing and wearing face masks.

Develop Worship Guidelines

Developing a digital graphic or info sheet that outlines the steps to participate in a drive-in worship service will help your attendees enjoy the worship experience from their car. Be sure to include instructions for entering and leaving the parking area. If an attendee must exit their vehicle, include instructions to inform ministry staff and maintain social distancing. Make sure your support staff is visible, alert, and properly protected with PPE provisions in case of an emergency.

Make Sure Everyone Can Hear

Your ministry can either live stream your service and have attendees connect their device to their vehicle or broadcast through an FM Radio. The FCC provides guidelines for low-power radio usage. Your service could also be projected through a portable PA system, but you must follow local noise ordinances and inform neighbors of your plans. It may be beneficial to inform local authorities as well to increase their awareness of the gathering.

Maintain Safety Equipment

Keep gloves, additional masks, a first aid kit, a defibrillator, a fire extinguisher, and other emergency equipment handy. Although your attendees will be in their vehicles, you never know when an incident may happen. It’s better to be prepared than searching in a quick response situation.

Additional Layers of Protection

Talk with your insurance agent about your drive-in worship plans. They will be able to inform you about other potential risks that may not be covered in your current package. You may need to add special coverages to protect your ministry and attendees while attending the service.

We may not be able to gather in worship like we’re used to, but we can use the creativity and information God has given us to explore safe and responsible worship experiences. Our exclusive agents at Suracy Faith can conduct a coverage review with your ministry when you request a free quote on our website.