A travel protection plan is a package of insurance benefits and non-insurance services intended to help
protect your travel investment, your belongings, and most importantly, yourself.


All of our plans provide coverage while you are away, which may include:

  • Accident & Sickness Medical Expense

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

  • Baggage Delay/Personal Effects

  • Missed Connection

  • Travel Delay

  • Itinerary Change

  • and more!


Protection of your travel investment may include:Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption.
Some covered reasons include:

  • Sickness or Injury

  • Inclement Weather

  • Employer Termination

  • Destination Evacuation

  • Terrorist Incident

  • Cancel for Work Reasons
    (Not available on every plan)



Additional terms apply to all perils listed.

Cash Reimbursement for Trip Cancellation, unlike most airline and cruise protection plans who often issue reimbursement in the form of travel credit.

Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusion Waiver is available under most plans within a certain time frame of trip payments. See the Plan for details and additional requirements.

Medical expenses may not be covered by your health insurance while you’re traveling, especially outside of the United States. Travel Insured can help with that.

Baggage protection can help when your homeowner’s policy may not cover the expenses from loss, delay, theft, and damage.

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