Five Ministry Vehicle and Fleet Management Tips

Make sure the wheels on your church bus go round and round

Vehicle maintenance helps your ministry be a good steward of its resources. You can reduce the potential for a mechanical issue affecting your ability to do ministry by following these simple steps.

Create a maintenance checklist Drafting a list of areas to check on your vehicle and setting a schedule for maintenance checks is key for proper vehicle care. Tires, fluids, windshield wipers, and lights are relatively easy areas to check . Schedule time for a mechanic to check your vehicles major systems like fuel, braking, and exhaust.

Include Preventive Maintenance in the Fleet Schedule Don’t wait until a break down to schedule a visit to a mechanic for maintenance or repairs. Maintenance tasks like oil changes, transmission flushing, and tire rotations are essential to vehicle breakdown prevention. Your mechanic can also identify other wear and tear that could cause costly repairs.

Share ministry vehicle policy with drivers Clearly communicate your ministry vehicle policies with active and potential drivers. Make sure your staff and volunteers understand your ministry’s rules and expectations for all drivers. Include instructions for breakdown and incident response for your drivers.

Develop a relationship with a local mechanic Taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic can help your ministry’s vehicle maintenance effort. Having a consistent maintenance provider can better identify potential problem areas and provide expedited care.

Keep ministry vehicles clean A church van that is presentable and free of trash and debris reflects positively on your ministry. Caring for the interior and regularly washing your vehicle gives you a professional and pleasing image. It will also be easier to identify rust or carpet stains when proper care is given.

Some vehicle repairs are unavoidable, make sure you’re avoiding the ones you can. UMIP’s exclusive agency, Suracy Faith, can help you ensure your ministry is properly protected and secure insurance coverage. Request a quote today.