Insurance Considerations During Construction

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Due to the global pandemic, virtual worship has become our new normal. While this transition hasn’t been easy and many long for in-person worship, this time away from your church facilities could be a benefit your ministry. If your ministry is planning any construction activities, there are a few things to consider regarding your insurance during construction.

Vacant Building Coverage While your ministry worships and works virtually, make sure your facilities are properly covered under your current insurance package. Many thefts and acts of vandalism happen during renovations or extended periods of vacancy. Make sure your ministry’s resources and investments are protected while you improve your facilities.

Additional Coverages

If the renovation or construction you have planned will expose your building to the elements, you may need additional coverages. Exterior wall repairs and window or door-replacements can increase the risk of theft or damage due to weather. Minimize the risk associated with these types of repairs by contacting your insurance agent and discussing any additional coverages that may be needed for your projects.

Contractor’s Insurance

When selecting a contractor, be sure to check their credentials and request a copy of their certificate of insurance. Use the information to make an informed decision about your options and the risk involved with a construction project. Using uninsured contractors or contractors with inadequate insurance can leave your ministry liable for any damages or loss incurred during a renovation.

Potential Reductions in Premium

Contact your insurance agent and ask them if there are any potential reductions in premium you may qualify for after construction. Many insurance companies offer premium reductions for energy efficiency, roofing repairs, electrical upgrades, and other common facility repairs. Your insurance agent can help you understand what may be available for your church and take advantage of any potential savings on your policy.

Your building doesn’t have to just sit there. You can make improvements or do repairs that have been delayed. Make sure you contact your insurance agent before you get started. You can also contact our exclusive agency, Suracy Faith, to request a quote to plan, protect and restore your ministry’s facilities. We are here to help.