What items might a church need special coverage for?

Did you know your ministry could have a major liability risk even if you have property and casualty coverage? Some situations and emergencies might not be covered under traditional insurance plans. UMIP wants to increase your ministry’s peace of mind by helping you understand special coverages and products.

Boiler and Machinery

Uh oh! You’ve arrived at church Sunday morning and discovered your heat is out. What do you do? Repairing or replacing your boiler may not be covered under your insurance policy and your ministry could be liable for those expenses. Boiler and machinery coverage helps ministries cover the costs associated with equipment failure and malfunctions. Other large equipment like an elevator or certain office equipment may need extra coverage as well and could be covered under this type of policy.


The threat of hate-inspired violence is ever-present in our world and religious organizations are not immune. Recent spikes in domestic and foreign terrorism highlight the need for your ministry to be covered against catastrophic loss that could occur from senseless violence. Due to the extreme circumstances surrounding these types of events, many property and casualty policies do not cover these emergencies. Terrorism coverage can help your ministry recover in the unfortunate case of acts of terror.

Sexual Misconduct

We pray your ministry is never faced with the emotional and financial burden of an incident of sexual misconduct. With that prayer, we want to help you understand the importance of sexual misconduct coverage. Sexual misconduct policies are designed to help your ministry with the financial responsibilities your ministry could incur in a sexual misconduct incident. Your ministry should have policies and procedures to help limit the opportunities for misconduct, as well as a comprehensive response plan. Pairing those protocols with a sexual misconduct policy can assist you in protecting your ministry and its members.

Directors and Officers Liability/ Management Liability

Your leadership and personnel act as agents of your ministry. Director and Officers (D&O) liability coverage can assist your ministry with costs associated with defending or settling claims of wrongful acts if sued by staff, visitors, or members. This type of coverage is expected from many professionals and management personnel as it can help protect them, and typically, their spouses, if personally sued regarding acts performed as representatives of your ministry.

Errors and Omissions

As believers in our faith, we understand that humans are imperfect. Mistakes happen, but will your ministry be covered? Errors and Omissions coverage assists your ministry in covering the court costs and settlements associated with this kind of liability. Claims of negligence can severely hinder your ministry’s ability to service your mission field. Don’t let an innocent mistake cripple your ministry.

Making sure your ministry and its resources are properly covered can be easier with the right support. Our exclusive agents at Suracy Faith can help you secure adequate coverage solutions with a free quote today. Contact our licensed insurance agents today!