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Winterizing Your Ministry

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This year has really flown by, and some of us are already starting to experience the beginnings of winter. If you haven’t already done so, now is the perfect time to begin winterizing your buildings and start preparing colder temperatures, and even ice or snow.

Check insulation

Frozen pipes can cause thousands of dollars in damages and puts unneeded stress on your church and staff. Check the insulation in your buildings to make sure it can help prevent the temperatures indoors from reaching freezing levels and causing your pipes to freeze. It’s also a good idea to consider wrapping your pipes in insulation to help further protect your property from colder temperatures.

Covering windows

Windows are a big source of cold drafts and heat loss, especially if your church has older windows. By applying window insulation kits, you can easily help reduce the amount of heat your church loses this winter. You could save money on your heating bill and help protect your buildings, as well.

Keep and maintain adequate supplies

Before snow and ice can begin accumulating on your parking lots and walkways, be sure to secure ice melt and snow shovels. Having supplies on hand will make it easier to clear pavement and help reduce the risk of slipping or tripping on snow and ice.

Snow removal

In addition to ice melt and snow shovels, your ministry should have plans for snow removal from your parking lots and walkways. Whether you hire someone to plow your parking lot, recruit volunteers to clear the snow, or do it yourself, you should have a plan in place before the snow arrives in your area.

Furnace maintenance

Your furnace will be a vital part of your ministry this winter. Consider having a winter tune-up done in addition to regular maintenance to make sure everything is in order. Having your furnace go out in the middle of the winter isn’t enjoyable for anyone and puts your church’s pipes at risk of freezing.


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