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Do You Need a Broker of Record Letter to Stay in the Program? Request One Today!

Recently, Sovereign Insurance Group became the exclusive program manager for the United Methodist Insurance Program. They were chosen for their 60 year history in the church insurance space, their in-depth market knowledge, and their passion for making sure ministries are protected in order to fulfill their mission. As part of this transition, we are asking our policyholders to sign a Broker of Record Letter.

UMIP can understand that some people may have questions or want to meet Sovereign. UMIP will be hosting Zoom meetings once a month to communicate updates and answer questions. Be sure to register below.










UMIP Announces Exclusive Partnership with Sovereign Insurance Group

Recently, the United Methodist Insurance Program (UMI) announced an exclusive relationship with Sovereign Insurance Group beginning June 21, 2022. This change is the result of thoughtful and careful evaluation of the direction of UMIP and consideration of brokerage firms that are dedicated to providing insurance services to the church market. Sovereign was selected, in part, based on its strong history of service to the church market, its key alliances with insurers, and its ability to provide superior service to existing and new policyholders. With Sovereign as our partner, UMI will provide assistance to churches so that they may protect their people, property and finances. UMI is dedicated to fulfilling its obligations as set forth in The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church.

If you have question for Sovereign Insurance Group or about this transition, please feel free to reach out to us at info@umins.org. 


Planning to Purchase Insurance Soon?

We are here to help your ministry purchase insurance protection. UMIP developed this buying guide to help you pick the proper coverage for your ministry. We want to help you make the right choice to plan, protect, and restore your ministry.