Four Holiday Candle Safety Tips

Candles are an important symbol in worship for United Methodists, especially during the Advent and holiday season. However, these symbols have the potential to cause major damage to your ministry's facilities when mismanaged or mishandled. You can help ensure your members take the light of the world with them and decrease the opportunities for tragedy with simple precautions.

Use artificial candles to minimize risks. 

The best way to protect your facilities and members from a fire hazard relating to candles is to use artificial candles. Battery-powered and or flameless candles significantly reduce the opportunity for fires while providing an authentic feel. Though some of the symbolism of a live burning flame may be lost, the added peace of mind for your staff could be priceless.

Place candles in low traffic areas.

Be conscious of the amount of potential activity around a candle. High traffic areas present a significant risk for candles to be bumped or toppled over, which could cause damage or personal injury. Make sure your candles are placed on heat-resistant platforms and that combustible materials/liquids are kept clear of any open flame. This includes Christmas trees and decorations.

Monitor the candle and flames while in use. 

Live flames should never be left unattended. Your ministry should identify individuals to keep an eye on the candles to ensure they are burning properly and functioning appropriately. Open flames must be monitored at all times and be put out before leaving the room and facility. Also, candles shouldn’t be left burning for more than 4 hours at a time.

Prepare for a fire safety emergency (Fire Safety Tips)

Check to make sure your facility's fire safety system and equipment are up-to-date and appropriately stored. Properly record all equipment and inventory checks. Connecting with your local fire department can help you make sure your church is properly resourced for a fire emergency. A fire extinguisher should be close to any open flame candle. Ministry, event, and worship leaders should be made aware of the potential risk of any fire risks and have emergency plans ready to execute if necessary. A list of important contacts should also be made available in the case of an emergency.

For additional safety tips, visit the National Fire Protection Association's website and search “candle safety.” Our exclusive agency, Suracy Faith, can help you understand property & casualty insurance for your ministry. Request a free quote today and learn more about how we can help plan, protect, and restore your ministry.