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ASK THE EXPERT: What should I know about tornado preparation?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Tornado season is well underway, which poses a serious threat to many areas nationwide. Recognizing the impact tornadoes can have on people and property, we have compiled a list of some recommended tips to help your ministry prepare as much as it can before disaster strikes.

Develop a safety plan

The first step in preparing for any disaster is developing a safety plan. If you are looking for somewhere to start, visit our Emergency Response Plan Steps. For a tornado, train your staff to recognize the warning signs of a tornado and designate safe zones within your building for staff and visitors to ride out the tornado. It’s also a good idea to perform tornado drills regularly so that all staff understand their roles in the event that a tornado strikes your church while it is occupied.

Stockpile emergency supplies

In the event that members of your church need to shelter within your buildings, you may need emergency supplies to help them remain safe through the storm. Stockpile water, flashlights, emergency radios, and first aid kits. Also, be sure to periodically check items that have expiration dates and replace them if necessary.

Remove dead trees and branches

Dead trees and branches pose an additional threat to your church and people. Strong winds can knock over trees and turn branches into dangerous projectiles. Be sure to trim tree branches and remove dead trees before they become an issue.

Secure outdoor objects

If you’ve been warned about the potential for a tornado to strike your area, be sure to secure any outdoor objects like chairs, playground toys, landscaping equipment, etc. This helps prevent them from being lost or causing more damage to your buildings and vehicles. Be sure to do so only if it can be done safely.

It’s impossible to completely protect your church from something as powerful as a tornado, but there are steps that you can take to help reduce your risk. Be sure to do more research on tornado preparedness or check out recommendations from the National Weather Service on how to better prepare your church for a tornado.


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